Who We Are

Matla’s story is based on founder/designer Duygu Özdemir Kibar’s paintings which she has been drawing since her childhood and her more recent photographic works from 2005 onwards.

Although educated in civil engineering and after an 8-year stint as an engineer in the private sector, Duygu realised her dream of creating work that allowed her to enjoy and further develop her love of painting and photography.

Her journey started with a trip to India during a moment of exhaustion brought on by an intensive workload, concerned that she had she spent her life and creativity too early.

Once there, she found the chance to question herself within the chaos and tranquillity of India. At the end of her journey, she returned to Ankara with desire and enthusiasm to produce something she loved.

She quit her job to realize her dreams. She named her products Matla after the river in West Bengal where her creative life began, as a symbol of self- nurture and to depict her ties to painting, photography, India and her relationship with nature.


  • M. Duygu Ozdemir Kibar