Who I am


It’s me Duygu, founder and designer of Matla.

Matla’s story is established based on my paintings which I have been drawing since I was a little girl.

After working as an engineer for several years under an intensive workload, I started getting concerned that I was missing on the real passion of my life. Since I’ve had this life long dream of spending my life by painting and creating art.

Being carried away by all these feelings, I decided to take a trip to India in 2016 and I found the chance to question myself within that unique balance of chaos and tranquility. After turning back to my corporate life from India I decided to quit my job immediately with a desire and enthusiasm to produce something I really love.

Thus, the first steps for creating Matla was taken.

Matla means “the point where celestial bodies appear on the horizon”. It is inspired by the nature where it all began and from women; who are aware that they belong to nature.

Beyond wearing, be Matla!